Mountaineering Council of Scotland – Club Membership.

At our AGM last week it was announced that the Scottish Hillwalkers Meetup group has become an affiliated club with the Mountaineering Council of Scotland. This has given us as a club access to some very exciting and useful services for anyone interested in outdoor activities.

How will this affect my membership of SHAG?
(1) It won’t – membership of SHAG will remain free;
(2) What we are offering you is an additional benefit as a member of SHAG, in this case discounted club membership of the MCofS;
(3) If you decide not to take up this offer, you will continue to use our meetup group as normal – signing up and attending meetups for free. Nothing changes.
(4) If you do decide to take up this offer, you will receive additional benefits as a club member of the MCofS.

What do you get as a member of the MCofS?
(1) Access to 25 club huts and bothies run and maintained by other walking/climbing clubs including SMC huts such as the CIC hut on Ben Nevis and the Glen Brittle hut in Skye. The club huts offer basic and budget accommodation, and they are spread across Scotland in some very nice locations. These will be available to either book as an individual or we will organise meet-ups through the year. Further details about use of club huts will be made available in due course;
(2) Civil Liability insurance cover – up to £10m of personal cover against claims in civil law;
(3) Access to subsidised courses on mountain safety, winter skills, navigation and first aid amongst others;
(4) Discounts with some retailers, magazines such as TGO and Climber, free access to BMC travel insurance schemes, access to specialist financial services designed specifically for climbers and walkers including mortgage protection and term insurance;
(5) 4 copies of the magazine – Scottish Mountaineer;
(6) And more!

What does it cost?
(1) A year’s discounted club membership of the MCofS costs £14.50. The usual price for individual membership is £28.55.

How do you join?
(1) In the first instance, email me specifying if you wish to pay electronically or by cheque.
(2) If you wish to pay electronically, I will email you a link to the MCofS web site with our club code. Follow the easy steps on the membership page;
(3) If you wish to pay by cheque, I will email you an application form. Fill in the details, attach your cheque and send it to the MCofS.

In addition to what the MCofS membership brings to the individual, we in turn will be supporting the work of the organisation in Scotland that represents the interests of walkers, climbers and all those who use the hills and countryside for leisure. The MCofS is currently lobbying the UK and Scottish governments on the impact of wind farms on the landscape; and they continue a long-standing obligation to represent users of the outdoors on access issues.

More information on the MCofS can be found at their web site –

If you have any questions, please contact me in the first instance.

Jason Hoffman

Membership Officer


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