Climbing at Traprain Law

With nerves and excitement I was looking forward to my first outdoor climb at Traprain Law climbing with Andrew and Vickie.  As we were getting nearer the butterflies in my stomach where churning with excitement.

Mary climbing Fake Route, Traprain Law, Haddington

While I was sitting at the top waiting for Vickie to climb up I couldn’t believe I had just completed the climb.  Hunger for more climbs to come.

Andrew Climbing Great Corner, Traprain Law, Haddington

Andrew planning the next route which was loads of fun and with guidance from Vickie I found this route was full of puzzles to think about with each step I did.

On our way back at the end of the day I was tired with loads of happy memories of the achievements I had done today with the encouragement and support from Andrew,  Vickie.  Even though I was tired I cannot wait to go back to Traprain Law to do more climbs.

With a big warm smile I am thinking about my next outdoor climb.

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4 Responses to Climbing at Traprain Law

  1. jacobfinn says:

    Traprain Law is an ace place to climb. Especially good for beginners.

  2. helenmelone says:

    Whereabouts is it?

  3. helenmelone says:

    Duh – sorry – looked at pics – Haddington

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