Evening walk – Cort-ma-law

This was the second evening walk this season – I am going to try and post one every fortnight. They are great just to get out away from the office, let your hair down, let the wind blow away any stresses. Also to get soaked and munched on by midges 🙂

This one was Cort-ma-law in the Campsies – familiar to anyone growing up in Glasgow and being taken there at the weekend by hill-mad parents and forced to walk all over them. The forecast was meant to be dry with a possible rain shower at 7pm and then another at 10pm – and this turned out to be accurate (BBC weather forecast!) and also we were surprised by some sun 🙂

This was a great wee walk just out to the summit of Cort-ma-law and back again. This took us three hours. It was a lot boggier than we were expecting but that’s all part of the fun.  The light was clear and the views towards Ben Lomond and the Cobbler were great.  We could even see the hills of Arran.

Unfortunately the pub we had planned on going to was closed.  What pub in Scotland closes early?

Next evening walk planned is Meikle Bin with it’s mud and midges – joy! This time, I’m phoning the pub beforehand!

Please come along – we’d love to see you. We’d also like to hear if you have suggestions of evening walks 🙂

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